Wednesday, October 1, 2008

name change

I don't know, I guess the name "chelsi in the land of eagles" just seemed so plain to me so I changed the name to Gëzuar, which means "cheers" in Albanian. So if you're ever at a table and toasting to a drink (especially Raki) then this would be the time to say Gëzuar! 
Anywho, one thing I love about Albania is how funny some of the acronyms can be. For example, today I noticed a school called UFO university and thought, well surely that cannot stand for "unidentified foreign object" university. Talking later with an Albanian I discovered that the acronym is stands for something in Latin that is more closely linked with education (we think) but I just thought that it was funny to see this sign.
Another funny sign was that of a company who tried to make their product sound more American in order to sell it. This happens all of the time here in Albania and the latest attempt is this new beverage out that has a red can with white writing, a soda, but guess what the name of it is...cocaine!!!! So I wonder what's going to happen as a result of this beverage's name. I bet the company will still attract people, just maybe for different reasons then they may have intended!

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