Tuesday, September 30, 2008

so Laura Bush has her name on a menu...

Nope there's no need to adjust the computer screen, that's right, there's a restaurant here with a dish named after Laura Bush, our current first lady. In fact there's even a room named for her that can be reserved for large parties. President George W. Bush was the first American president to officially visit Albania and they liked him and his wife so much that they just started naming all kinds of stuff after them.
So while there are several countries who don't like Americans too much these days, it's good to know that Albanians love us!
This same restaurant though, was also kind of confusing because there was a zoo outside of the place and this poor little bear was inside a cage...

There were also these chickens and birds that made me wonder if anything at this zoo area was to later become dinner...

In other news, things are going well, I'm in the process of getting things together with my apartment and should be moved in by the end of this week. Tuesday is a huge holiday here because it is the end of Ramadan, and so many places are closed and there will be a lot of eating going on. In fact I'm supposed to have homemade delicious waffles for breakfast...can't wait. Because of the holiday, many Albanian men and children have been walking around the streets playing music in celebration. This is one of the pictures that I took on Monday

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  1. Loving your blog. It's way better than mine. Plus the pics are great! Albania is nutz! Love you!!