Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Everyday when I walk home I pass by my friend B.C. who is always, always ready to speak to me about any and everything. He always asks about my day, about my family, about class, partly because those are some of the questions that I can properly answer in Albanian. But I absolutely love this guy because he gets so excited to see me, singing my name in this deep voice, "Chelllllssssiii, Chelsi is here," as though I get some kind of grand entrance or something.
Anyhow today B.C. informed me that I will have to meet his son, a rapper here in Albania. Now B.C. has no idea that I studied hip-hop here in Albania last summer, he just randomly suggested that I meet his son. "Sure" I said, "that can happen." Well later I asked Gersi about it and turns out they are friends and Gersi has directed me to a YouTube Video with B.C.'s son. I am posting it here for yall to take a look, feel free to tell me what yall think, the video will post above this message.
Nanny Garcia I think you may find this particularly interesting....

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  1. Bah ha ha .... I actually read that post before I read this one, and since there was no text on the other one, I was like, "This must be my xmas present or something." Have you gotten your box from me? I sent it to the Dulles address!