Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No Place for a Mississippi Girl

As I said I also visited Skopje, Macedonia this past weekend and stayed with my friend Seth, another Fulbrighter. When we got there I immediately wished I had brought some boots with me...the place was covered in snow! Not only was I quite possibly the slowest walker in snow, but I also had a very nice fall not too far from Seth's apartment, which only now can I truly laugh at. Despite all of the cold weather I enjoyed my time in Skopje, especially Seth's stories about "ethnic issues" as I'll call them, here in the Balkans. Though only next door, Macedonia is quite a different place than Albania and is extremely interesting and complex when one examines the various groups of people who reside there (Macedonians, Albanians, Turks, Serbs, etc). Some things of note that Skopje has that Tirana doesn't: post offices that look like a game piece from connect four or a lego, wine bars (a fabulous idea by the way), taxis that only cost about a dollar, and oreos.
The difference that I most remember about the weekend though, is definitely the snow. For this reason I'm just not sure that Skopje is a city for a Mississippi girl!
Thanks for everything Seth!

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  1. Us Mississippi girls just don't do so well in the snow.