Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dita e Mesueses

March 07 is Dita e Mesueses*, "Day of Teachers" here in Albania. From what I've gathered this is not necessarily a day off for teachers but rather a day when students show thanks for their teachers. My classmates and I have gotten together to get some flowers for our teacher for tomorrow, since March 07 actually falls on a Saturday this year.

But I was completely surprised when Sokol and Irena showed up at my house tonight with flowers. If you remember, about 4 months ago I started teaching English in my apartment to an Albanian couple (Sokol and Irena). Though I "teach" English (I used quotations because I'm not sure how great of a job I'm doing, ha ha) I hadn't really considered myself a teacher but sure enough they gave me a gift tonight, which almost made me cry. The first thing I said was, "Oh, I'm gonna tell my mom!"

When we went to this flower shop to pay for our teacher's flowers today, one of the employees asked me about the "Day of Teachers" in America and I stared at him with a blank look because I honestly could not remember if we have such a day in America, and if so, when it is. So please don't fault me but I'm wondering, does such a day exist? When is it?

*For those readers who speak Albanian, I may have messed up the word "mesueses" because I sometimes have trouble with this particular rasa, since it's the Gjinore form, but I'm promise I'm working on it...


  1. I am Albanian and I always read your blog. Your albanian is perfect . Don't worry about that.
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    May God bless you.


  2. We do sort of do that. I mean, we take presents for all my kids' teacher at the end of each semester (xmas + summer). We even get presents for Dash's speech helpers and the bus drivers! I guess we don't have a specific holiday like Mother's Day though. That's interesting. Well, everything you write is interesting. You know.

  3. Here in Canada, teachers get many days off, but there is not such a day! Gezuar Chelsi! Your Albanian is getting better and better.
    Thanks for writing again and ignoring stupidity!

  4. It's the tuesday of the first full week of May for USA. It is actually called National Teacher's Day. I guess it changes from year to year (?) Anyways, I'm glad you are continueing to blog.

    I love reading about your adventure in Albania. Makes me want to go too, but I am afraid of flying over seas.

  5. i think mother day is most important