Monday, May 31, 2010

here i go again

Hi everyone,
So I'm headed back to Albania, sitting at the ATL airport now waiting for my flight to head across the Atlantic. I've just finished my first year in my PhD program and my advisor has informed me that I need to spend this summer taking lots and lots of notes - just filling up notebooks with everything about Albania! And pretty much that's my assignment. I'm also going to be working on my Albanian language, I've enrolled in advanced courses for the summer. Plus I've finally been invited to an Albanian wedding and I'm so excited to be going in August.
As part of my project I'm planning to visit more Albanian communities outside of the Albanian nation-state - in other words, I'm traveling more to other countries around the Balkans (and possibly places like Italy too) in order to learn more about Albanians outside of the Albanian geopolitical borders.
Okay well check back for updates, I'm sure this adventure will be just as fun as the last.